Sourcing the best quality lumber for your inventory or project can be time consuming and costly without the right resources. Lumber traders take the guesswork out of sourcing lumber for your project while offering you the flexibility to manage your inventory based on your individual budgets and timelines.

When you partner with the right lumber trader, you get a market expert dedicated to getting you high-quality lumber at the right price, whenever you need it. With CEWP, you get unmatched service for your specific needs.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

IN-depth Industry Knowledge


No one understands the lumber industry the way a lumber trader does. Through years of hard-won experience, research, and training, CEWP has cultivated an in-depth knowledge of the lumber industry that goes beyond quality specifications or product availability. Rather, we have the expertise to anticipate your needs and the market to help you make smart decisions about your lumber orders.

We take the time to understand your needs, and then we watch the markets to make sure we offer sound advice on when and where we should source your lumber to meet your timeline and maximize your cost-savings. Because of this expertise, CEWP is able to get you the right lumber at the right price at the right time.

Strong Partnerships

Sourcing the best quality and selection of lumber relies on established relationships with a variety of sawmills. When we started supplying lumber to the truss industry in 1999, we worked on building strong relationships with mills that produced the highest quality products, as truss manufacturers rely on top-quality lumber.

As we grew, we used the relationships we built with sawmills across North America to offer the best selection and quality of lumber to all our clients, including the truss manufacturers, commercial companies, and retailers.

Not only do the relationships we’ve built help ensure you’ll get high-quality, competitively priced lumber products, they are also delivered right when you need them.

Extensive Network of Traders and Inventory Locations

Trading and distributing lumber is truly a global business. The most effective lumber traders aren’t relegated to sourcing and supplying lumber to a limited area near one or two locations, and few lumber traders have the extensive network of traders and distribution centres that CEWP has.

Because CEWP works out of multiple locations throughout Canada and the United States, we are able to take a truly collaborative approach to meeting our clients’ needs. Our network of experienced traders communicates with each other to get you a high-quality product at the best possible price.

With multiple inventory yards and established mill relationships across North America, CEWP provides fast turnaround times (between 24 to 48 hours) and just-in-time delivery so you can manage your inventory without investing in additional storage capacity.

As a result of this network of traders and distribution centres, we can also fill orders of any size, no matter if you’re looking for full truckloads or just a couple lifts. These less-than-load deliveries offer you the flexibility in ordering a mix of lumber, while allowing us to respond quickly to unforeseen circumstances where you find yourself out of stock.

In-depth Industry Knowledge

Whatever your needs, CEWP is your partner in lumber distribution. We work with you to save you both time and money through our industry knowledge, strong partnerships, and extensive network, but what we really offer is peace of mind — the confidence that you’ll get the highest quality lumber at the best possible price for your project.