Building High Quality Trusses with MSR

To deliver a premium truss product, you need premium materials. At CEWP, we understand this. We understand that a quality product goes beyond wood; it’s about the relationships you build. Working with the best-in-class manufacturers will bring you innovative product and service solutions, while partnering with a trader with a deep understanding of unique MSR values and products that are specific to your needs is invaluable. The right partnerships will ensure your business functions smoothly, but it doesn’t stop there. So how else can you make sure your manufacturing business operates optimally?

Choose the Right Team

Numerous mills across North America offer a diverse range of materials of the highest quality, but it’s important that your wood trader is knowledgeable about all of them. They will help you navigate the numerous grades and species and can even guarantee to have them in stock at all times in key inventory locations. Also, when it comes to trying new products, having someone on your side who can source this material can actually influence the growth of your business.

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Sourcing the Right Lumber

The choice of lumber is crucial to the success of the project. On behalf of your customers, you need to have the confidence that it will last. MSR lumber is renowned for its higher strength values, providing greater design flexibility. This grants the ability to optimize the lumber used in truss designs, creating cost advantages and providing clear span flexibility. MSR is a top choice for many manufacturers since it improves the performance and reliability of engineering components and structures.

Truss Products

Truss Products

Truss Products

Truss Products

Quality and Cost Efficiency

Utilizing MSR lumber in truss manufacturing raises profits, reduces cost and improves quality. With MSR’s unmatched quality, it can reduce waste and virtually eliminate lumber-related repairs. A far better choice in the long-run, MSR lumber can also help to reduce labour cost, turn your inventory faster and reduce waste costs. MSR is the only dimensional lumber product subjected to mechanical property screening of every piece and daily QC strength and stiffness testing of production samples. MSR is produced under ALS and/or CLS approved grading agency QC and certification procedures. Equipment for MSR production measures every piece in the lumber flow for physical properties. Lumber that passes the MSR inspection process is much less likely to fail under its rated stress than its visually inspected counterparts. Builders can continue in confidence and assurance that lumber will meet the specifications associated with the grade stamp, and guard against expensive failures.

Improved Design Capabilities

Due to the MSR grades’ improved control of stiffness and strength, truss builders can design and build longer spans into their trusses. With MSR lumber, you have better control over the E-value of the wood, therefore having better control and reliability in roof structures. An all-around better performer, MSR lumber allows you to optimize designs.

Truss Products

Consistency Across Suppliers

MSR lumber uses a consistent rating system throughout the industry. An end user can work with multiple suppliers without the worry of compromising lumber quality. MSR grades can also be produced from a multitude of species from multiple resources, allowing the end user to switch to a less expensive supply without compromising quality.

Partnerships for Success

At CEWP, MSR is what we do, but we understand that a quality product goes beyond wood. It’s about the relationships you build. Our strategically located inventory yards across North America allow us to ship product direct to our customers within Canada and the U.S. in 24-48 hours. Our reload yards also provide the ability for direct customer pick up, saving you time and trucking costs. Our Just-in- Time and Less-than-Load delivery has no restrictions on order size, making it seamless for our customers to order a small load, or a full truckload in just a short turnaround time.

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How CEWP makes MSR work for you