Distribution is a complex alternative to buying direct, but in that complexity are many tactical and logistical advantages. Ultimately, a distributor will work to get you the best value for your building product needs.

Lower risk, increased buying power

When you work with a distributor, you’re working with a broad partnership with leading manufacturers. Distributors come with substantial buying power not often found when dealing direct. Distributors offer flexibility and decreased risk when making purchasing deals. With no commitment or minimum purchase requirement, you can benefit from a significant amount of storage space without needing to tie up additional yard space to store your products. With 24/7 access to a vast network, distributors can often get you the product you need with a quick turnaround.

Benefits of Lumber Distribution

Benefits of Lumber Distribution

Your distribution partner

CEWP is a committed distributor focused on working with and for our customers to aid in their success and growth. As a stocking distributor we are able to assist with highly mixed and specified orders in a prompt manner.

You have the ability to mix #2&btr, Appearance/MSR/treated lumber/OSB/Plywood and specialty items on a single order to better manage your inventory levels and cash flow.

Having stock on the ground as a partner and distributor allows us to react quickly when an unforeseen event unfolds and you find yourself out of stock.

As a stocking distributor we have a long term commitment to the market and industry as a whole. Just like our valued customers, we have a vested interest in the marketplace and providing products and support to ensure we all remain competitive in this difficult marketplace.

From our main reload yard in Edmonton, AB CEWP has been providing distribution services to our customers in Western Canada since our inception in 1999. We have been supporting our customers in Ontario for more than 13 years first out of Fort Erie and then Brantford, ON. Our Winnipeg yard opened in 2011 and we have been providing our customers in the Manitoba and North Western Ontario market with distribution services ever since. In addition to our Canadian business, we are able to service the U.S. market out of Edmonton and Manitoba and additionally our yard in Phoenix, AZ.

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