Truss Lumber & Webstock

CEWP supplies truss manufacturers with a wide variety of products. We deal with mills across North America in order to get you the quality you need. Whether that is #2&BTR, Appearance or MSR (Machine Stress Rated) lumber, we have what you'll need for your business no matter the species. We stock and supply the following products out of all our inventory locations:

Sprice Pine Fir SPF (Spruce-Pine-Fir)

Southern Yellow Pine SYP (Southern Yellow Pine)

Douglas Fir DF (Douglas Fir)

MSR Items

MSR items included under these species that we distribute both through our inventories as well as direct from the mill would include:

  • 2x3 - 1650/2100
  • 2x4 - 1650/2100/2400
  • 2x10 - 2400
  • 2x6 - 1650/2100/2400
  • 2x8 - 1950/2250/2400